About Us

The name Kranq refers to the mechanism that transforms energy into movement for the cause. Our name was conjured up during a night of pizza and friendship by founding members who wanted to create an independent and efficient business focused on client service while rewarding couriers for their accountability and dedication.

Consistency, Innovation and Knowledge are the foundational elements which allowed Kranq to grow organically at a steady pace where our couriers’ hard-work spoke for itself. Since the beginning, it was all about creating a powerful team who understood the courier industry and the importance of working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a high standard of time-management.

Today, we are proud to say we are also here to serve in you in new ways with our ride hailing service, Kolectivo and our food delivery service, Krave. We are excited to have you on board!

Our Green Initiative

Kranq has always been driven to eliminate our carbon footprint before the footprint was even there. We began by developing a sustainable business model, relying on a fleet of bicycle couriers to deliver customers’ packages in the downtown core. We are now tracking and calculating our carbon footprint for our bikes, cars, vans and trucks to ensure we have a positive impact on our environment. Customers are provided quarterly and yearly carbon footprint reports, so we can all monitor and decrease our footprint to bring about a better environment.

  • Kranq continues to work very hard to reduce our environmental footprint by utilizing technological efficiencies. We have gone completely digital and no longer use paper waybills or manifests of any kind.
  • Our driver fleet is maintained with smaller fuel efficient vehicles. We utilize our strategic partnerships to carry out our larger deliveries.
  • Our overnight service and partnerships have also reduced our carbon footprint. At Kranq, we use bike couriers, where possible, to pick-up packages with no emissions. Our bike couriers cover a larger area than anyone of our competitors. We also have our partner’s pick-up all of our clients’ overnight deliveries from one location: a much greener and more efficient system for everyone.
  • Kranq has arranged for all of our offices to be located close to rapid transit as a policy.
  • We have a commission bonus for our drivers who purchase environmentally friendly vehicles and are moving to full electric vehicles.