Since 2000, Kranq has been a leader in the courier industry. We have used our years of experience to develop a delivery system which ensures your packages are secure, handled with care and delivered on time by bonded couriers. With multiple service options available for small and large package deliveries, we meet sensitive timelines, automate recurring deliveries and arrange urgent out of city same day deliveries with our team of bikes, cars, vans and trucks. We have you covered!

Our Advantage

Web & App

Enter your deliveries with ease. Our proprietary system, built with the help and advice of clients, is remarkably robust and user friendly. Simply choose from a variety of service options tailored to accommodate your needs: click and continue with your day!


Data analytics and machine learning technology help us find the optimal route for your shipments to be delivered while maintaining a 99.5% on-time delivery accuracy of all requests. To further ensure on-time delivery, our StraightLine technology instantly handles all routing of requested deliveries providing customers with real-time ETAs.


Tell us where to go and when it should be there; receive a real-time ETA through our geo-mapping technology allowing you to plan your schedule down to the minute. Our system increases address accuracy and delivery efficiency saving money, resources and time allowing us to provide you with the best value in the market.

Connect With Your Courier

Questions about your deliveries can be answered through our online chat options connecting you directly to our couriers and office staff. We ensure your enquiries are answered immediately providing you with peace of mind.

Instant Signatures

Proof of delivery and tracking information is collected digitally and associated to every delivery in your account for real-time access and review. Various delivery information such as comments, recipient’s name, electronic signature, delivery time, surcharges, courier name and contact information is always available through our website and app.

For those times when a signature is not required, photos of the package’s location are instantaneously uploaded to the specific trip details for viewing, sharing and printing when required!

Streamlined Accounting

With our advanced invoicing system, you are able to integrate your invoices seamlessly into your accounting software: no need to deal with paper invoices or waybills. To ensure our delivery guarantee is always exceeded, we double check every customer request daily for delivery accuracy and pricing. We have less than a 24 hour turn-around for customer invoicing for those customers who require expedited daily costs and invoicing to keep their businesses on the move.

On-Demand Same Day (In the City)

At Kranq, we are a pioneer when it comes to on-demand same-day delivery. Having invented StraightLINE, a dedicated courier system which allows our customers direct access to their couriers via chat or phone call. We simply have the fastest service in the market ensuring customers the quickest turnaround time for all their deliveries, invoices and enquiries.

Domestic & International

Kranq offers Domestic and International shipping to more than 195 countries throughout the world. You are able to choose delivery options from a multitude of strategic partners for the best delivery solution. Value added benefits such as dedicated traceability and volume discounts are why our customers trust us to manage their express and ground shipments around the world.

Court Running/Process Serving

With Kranq, you can complete your court running and process serving quickly and efficiently with our unique service. Similar to our package delivery service, requesting your court service filings and serving documents is a simple online entry with an efficient turnaround time.

Our dedicated court runners are at the court house daily to serve on a variety of filing services. Best of all, you choose your preferred time frame and we execute accordingly. To save you time, we offer payment services for all filing and search fees that are directly invoiced back to your account on your preferred billing cycle.

To complete our legal services package, upon request, we provide a prompt reliable service by managing all your process serving requirements, from the filing, notarizing and serving of documents.

Freight Deliveries

We have you covered for all in town freight deliveries. Choose from a 1/2 ton truck all the way to a tractor trailer. For those urgent requests we also provide a same day service for out of city deliveries.

Out of City Same Day Services

Need your package delivered urgently, same day, out of the city? We are able to service you for all your time sensitive deliveries, from envelopes to larger freight deliveries. Just enter your trip and we will take care of the rest!