Our Technology

Since 2000, Kranq has taken pride in providing an innovative solution for our customer delivery needs. StraightLINE incorporates geo-mapping and computer learning technology with customer feedback and service ratings to bring the best in the market value to our customers. Here is how we utilize technology to serve you better and surpass our competitors:


Kranq is able to process your invoice payments via EFT or cheque under 30 day terms.   Court House charges for searches and filings are paid with our company credit card and billed back directly customer on their daily, weekly, or monthly invoice in a seamless fashion.  All courier, court running and overnight express and ground charges will be consolidated in one bill on a daily, weekly and monthly basis saving time and resources.


Forget the need to go through endless stacks of receipts; everything you need is all in one place with our system. Invoices can be created instantly, daily, weekly and monthly, tailored to your preferences and any reference notations your company requires. Automatically import all invoices directly into your accounting system, improving cost management and reporting.


Access, sort and review your past deliveries with Kranq in an easy to generate online reporting system. Download and receive the reports based on your sort preferences in seconds. Kranq now tracks the carbon footprint of all your packages. In addition, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on your Kranq courier which allows us to continue learning while we keep everything operating seamlessly, ensuring we provide you with the best service!

Chat & Talk

In order to serve you better, we have implemented an online chat system for you to inquire directly with your courier. Clients gain instant access to information about all their packages from our front line staff. Our office is equally available through chat to support our customers and couriers as well as by taking direct phone calls. We are always here to assist you!

Geo-Spatial Technology

Using geo-spatial technology, we manage the instant routing of your delivery from the most efficient route to getting your packages on time all the while providing real-time ETA on deliveries. Because we are in the cloud, there is no system downtime nor interruptions on your end, so you can move through your workday with ease.

Web & App

Our delivery system ensures you have all the information you require at your fingertips. Proof of delivery is collected digitally and attached to each delivery allowing you real-time access and review of signatures, delivery time, costs, comments and notes, photos of package location for no signature deliveries and more.